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AC Inverter

  • 380V-440V AC Inverter

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    380V-440V AC Inverter

    380V-440V ac inverter 1.380V-440V ac inverter. We are professional manufacturer of 380V-440V ac inverter. The inverter also has many protection functions, such as over-current, over-voltage, and overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of industrial...Read More

  • 220V AC Inverter

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    220V AC Inverter

    220V ~ 380V ac inverter 1.220V ~ 380V ac inverter. Anyhz brand 220V and 380V AC inverter. It can be used in 220V single phase input and three phase output, or 380V input and 380V output. 2.Basic Parameters of 220V ~ 380V ac inverter 3. Main features and application of the...Read More

  • 3phase AC Inverter

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    3phase AC Inverter

    3phase ac inverter 1.3phase ac inverter. Anyhz FST-500 is an economical, variable frequency drive (VFD) solution for controlling the AC motor via an "open loop system". It can be used in the metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other industrial sectors. 2. Basic...Read More

  • Single Phase AC Inverter

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    Single Phase AC Inverter

    Single phase ac inverter 1.single phase ac inverter. No matter how large a woodworking machine is designed, everything is about the quality and throughput of the final product. Anyhz provides best class frequency inverter to contribute the performance. 2.Basic Parameters of...Read More

  • Three Phase AC Inverter

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    Three Phase AC Inverter

    Three phase ac inverter 1. Three phase ac inverter. Anyhz Three phase ac Frequency inverter provides dramatic energy savings by optimising the system. It can achieve High starting torque of 200%. It has Four control model for option:VF Control, V/F control with PG, Vector...Read More

  • With Brake Unit AC Inverter

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    With Brake Unit AC Inverter

    With brake unit ac inverter 1. With brake unit ac inverter. If your drive solution starts with a frequency inverter, start by talking with us. Explore our complete range of industrial drives for general and special industrial applications . Our product has exported to 45...Read More

  • Water Pump AC Inverter

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    Water Pump AC Inverter

    Water pump ac inverter 1. Water pump ac inverter. Quality 400Hz Anyhz brand Inverter Frequency for Multi-pumps Water Supply manufacturers & exporter - Buy Pump Inverter from China suppliers. 2 Basic Parameters of Water pump ac inverter. 3. Main features and application of...Read More

  • Blower AC Inverter

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    Blower AC Inverter

    Blower ac inverter 1. Blower ac inverter. 4kw frequency inverter, variable frequency converter for water pump and fan blower, 220v 1 phase input & 3 phases output AC Drives. Please contact us. 2. Basic Parameters of Blower ac inverter. 3. Main features and application of...Read More

  • High Performance AC Inverter

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    High Performance AC Inverter

    High performance ac inverter 1. High performance ac inverter. Anyhertz produces high-quality frequency inverters for controlling the speed of AC motors in your applications and production processes. Our product has exported to 45 countries and has CE certificates. 2.Basic...Read More

  • Vector Control AC Inverter

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    Vector Control AC Inverter

    Vector control ac inverter 1. Vector control ac inverter. Anyhertz Inverters support a wide range of capacity with excellent features for your industrial needs. we offer a wide range of drive automation solutions for centralized and decentralized systems. You can set up our...Read More

  • Generous Application AC Inverter

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    Generous Application AC Inverter

    General application ac inverter 1. General application ac inverter. Anyhertz AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and...Read More

  • CE Approved Energy-saving AC Inverter

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    CE Approved Energy-saving AC Inverter

    CE Approved Energy-saving ac inverter 1. CE Approved Energy-saving ac inverter. View our selection of high quality Frequency Inverters that cover a wide range of functions with ultimate efficiency. Frequency Inverters from 220V and 380V three phase from 1.5kw to 630kw are...Read More

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