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380V Inverter

  • 3phase 380V AC Drive Inverter

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    3phase 380V AC Drive Inverter

    3phase 380V ac drive inverter We are professional manufacturer of 3phase 380V ac drive inverter. We have products from 380V three phase from 1.5kw to 630kw. It can be used to control AC motor speed and save energy. Our product has exported to 45 countries and has CE...Read More

  • Speed Controller 380V Inverter

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    Speed Controller 380V Inverter

    Speed controller 380V inverter 1. Speed controller 380V inverter. FST-800 Drive is a series of high performance general frequency inverter with 3 kinds of control methods—V/F control, control sensorless vector control, closed-loop vector control. It has abundant parameter...Read More

  • Vector Control 380V Inverter

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    Vector Control 380V Inverter

    Vector control 380V inverter 1. Vector control 380V inverter. Adopts the latest tension control technique. Precise control in frequency, rolling diameter and line speed. Built-in inertia torque compensation module for better control. Automatically start broken belt protection...Read More

  • Lower Torque Control 380V Inverter

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    Lower Torque Control 380V Inverter

    Lower torque control 380V inverter 1. Lower torque control 380V inverter. Do not connect or disconnect wiring, or perform signal checks while the power supply is turned ON. The FST-800 Drive internal capacitor is still charged even after the power supply is turned OFF. To...Read More

  • High Starting Torque 380 Inverter

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    High Starting Torque 380 Inverter

    High starting torque 380 inverter 1. High starting torque 380 inverter. Anyhz VFD supports multiple tension control modes, diverse tension given ways, various rolling diameter calculation methods and dynamic compensation modes that it can effortlessly deal with various...Read More

  • High Performance 380 Inverter

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    High Performance 380 Inverter

    High performance 380V inverter 1. High performance 380V inverter. This series inverter base on high performance vector control and torque control technology platform, modular software and hardware features to meet the lifting, crane, papermaking, chemical fiber, elevator,...Read More

  • 50Hz to 60Hz 380V Inverter

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    50Hz to 60Hz 380V Inverter

    50Hz to 60Hz 380V inverter 1. 50Hz to 60Hz 380V inverter. Vector Control 2 (Without Encoder Speed Feedback): Precise speed sensorless vector control technology realizes AC motor decoupling, enabling the DC motorization of operation control. Startup torque: 0.25Hz 180% rated...Read More

  • AC to AC 380V Inverter

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    AC to AC 380V Inverter

    Ac to ac 380V inverter to ac 380V inverter. Open Loop Torque Control Mode: Independent current loop control to realize true torque control, supporting online switching of torque control and speed control. Torque precision: ±5% Torque response time:<20ms Closed Loop...Read More

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