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The main internal structure of the power inverter is as follows: Jun 15, 2018

The main internal structure of the power inverter is as follows:

Filtering part: the input filter is used to filter the noise of the input DC power, and get a smooth DC and send it to the inverter. The output filter filters out the AC harmonics and disturbances of the output and makes the output more stable.

Inverter part: converting DC power into sinusoidal AC power supply.

Control part: control inverter power to follow the benchmark city power, and maintain the same phase and frequency, automatically adjust, and make the power supply in the specified range, according to the set value of protection operation or protection.

Display part: using LCD and LED status simulation disk to accurately reflect the running status and fault information of the equipment.

Switching part: automatic switching of bypass, power supply and inverter output power.

The configuration of the power inverter is as follows:

Rack type: also called drawer type, convenient for installation and wiring of group cabinets, installation of group cabinets is more beautiful and more coordinated.

Vertical: also called the floor type.