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Technological transformation of industrial energy saving and water-saving technology: Jun 15, 2018

Technological transformation of industrial energy saving and water-saving technology:

Energy saving technical transformation project. It supports industrial enterprises, especially the key energy enterprises, to carry out energy-saving technological transformation, including the application of advanced energy-saving technology and equipment, the utilization of residual heat residual pressure, the oxygen rich and total oxygen combustion of the kiln, the transformation of high efficiency motor and transformer system.

High efficiency and clean utilization of coal. It supports industrial enterprises to apply advanced coal cleaning and efficient utilization technology with advanced application, economical and reasonable, energy saving and emission reduction potential, and supports the industrialization of advanced coal efficient and clean utilization technology and equipment, such as high efficiency kiln, industrial boiler, modern coal chemical industry, coking and so on.

Water saving technology transformation project. We should support high water consumption enterprises, industrial enterprises in water shortage areas, and water-saving benchmarking enterprises to carry out water-saving technological transformation. It mainly supports technological application of water saving, washing and water saving, advanced treatment and reuse of industrial waste water, and development and utilization of unconventional water resources.