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Attention to the use of inverters Jun 15, 2018

Attention to the use of inverters

1. The DC voltage should be consistent

Each inverter has access to DC voltage values, such as 12V, 24V and so on.

Inverters (Figure 4)

Inverters (Figure 4)

The selection of the battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter. For example, the 12V inverter must choose the 12V battery.

2, the output power of the inverter must be greater than the use power of the electrical appliance, especially for the electric appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, which have large power when starting.

3, positive and negative must be correct

The DC voltage of the inverter is marked with positive and negative pole. Red is positive (+), black is negative (-), the battery is also marked with positive and negative pole, red as positive pole (+), black as negative (-), connection must be positive (Hong Jiehong), negative negative (black and black). The connecting line diameter must be thick enough and reduce the length of the connection as much as possible.