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Attention to the selection of power inverter products: Jun 15, 2018

Attention to the selection of power inverter products:

1: determine whether it is a special power type, power specific power inverter, the internal structure contains DC/DC isolation, and when the auxiliary DC power is used, it is more safe and reliable. If a common inverter changes the product, there may be a risk of electrical energy backfilling, damage to the electrical appliances or other risks.

2: determine the actual size of the load and select the appropriate power inverter. Because if the type is too large and the investment is wasted, and the power selection is too small, the load carrying capacity will not be enough to guide the overload protection of the power inverter. Therefore, when the power inverter is selected, the maximum impact power of the load should be determined first, especially the inductive load in the load, because the inductive load has several times magnification impact at the moment of opening. The actual power of the power inverter should be greater than the sum of the maximum power of all loads.

3: determine the shape of the required power inverter, DC voltage, product color, communication interface form and other factors.